See how our Quality Standards go above and beyond.

Our Quality Standards

Our high standards for animal care and all-natural ingredients have been part of our family business since 1875.

Coleman Natural Goes Beyond the USDA Requirements for a “Natural” Label

At Coleman Natural Foods, natural is in our name for a reason. We ensure that farmers adhere to our standards and protocols, which include crate-free raising practices, vegetarian-fed, and never using antibiotics or growth promotants.

Coleman Natural
USDA "Natural"

No Artificial Ingredients
Our meats are minimally processed and contain simple ingredients. You’ll never find anything artificial or synthetic, including colors or flavors.
No Artificial Colors
In keeping with our all-natural approach, Coleman Natural never uses artificial color additives to brighten or tint our products.
Minimally Processed
All products at Coleman Natural are made with minimal intervention and processing, simple ingredients, and no artificial colors or flavors.
Humanely Raised
All animals are raised crate free, with no antibiotics, growth promotants, or added hormones (which have been illegal since the 1950s).
No Antibiotics Ever
Our animals are never administered antibiotics in their feed, water, or by injection at any point in their life. If an animal requires antibiotics to treat an illness, it will not be sold to Coleman Natural customers.
No Growth Promotants Ever
All animals at Coleman Natural are raised without the use of unnecessary interventions, including artificial stimulants or growth promotants.
100% Vegetarian Fed
Coleman Natural animals are fed a carefully balanced, 100% vegetarian diet, free of any animal by-products (with the exception of milk protein).
Crate Free
As part of our commitment to humane standards, our hogs are raised Crate Free, which means sows are able to interact naturally in community housing during the Gestation stage and nurture their piglets during the Farrowing stage.
Raised in the U.S.
Pork from Coleman Natural is only sourced from independent farms where each animal is born, raised, and harvested here in the United States.
Raised on Family Farms
Our partner farms are family-run, and must adhere to our high standards for animal care, nutrition, and humane treatment at all stages of production.
American Humane Certified
Our family farm partners must meet or exceed over 200 humane animal care standards, from the basics of food and shelter to freedom from distress and crowding.
Prop 12 (CA) and Q3 (MA)
Each pig has a minimum of 24 sq. ft. of usable floor space and enough room to turn around, stand up, lie down, and extend their limbs during gestation according to California and Massachusetts regulations.

We Focus on 5 Important Areas of Animal Care

Our family farms must meet or exceed more than 200 science-based humane animal care standards. At Coleman Natural Foods we go above and beyond to provide nurturing, low-stress environments for our livestock.

Diet & Hydration

We guarantee fresh water access, carefully planned diets, and equal food distribution for our livestock's health and happiness.


Our animals’ environments are designed to allow them to move around freely during gestation, farrowing, and weaning stages.

Management & Care

The farmers we work with are thoroughly trained, skilled, and competent in the daily care and animal welfare of their livestock.

Health & Safety

Our animals’ housing environment must be conducive to good health. All farmers must develop a health plan in consultation with their veterinarians.


Animal transport systems are designed to ensure livestock do not experience unnecessary distress or discomfort.

What Does Natural Mean?

The USDA defines a product as natural if it contains no artificial ingredients or added colors and is only minimally processed. At Coleman Natural Foods, we take it a step further.

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Raised in the USA

Independent family farmers work with us daily to bring our customers the highest quality products.

Meet the Farmers

Crate Free

Coleman Natural Foods is one of the largest companies to source Crate Free hogs, which means sows are able to interact naturally in community housing and nurture their piglets.

More About Crate Free

American Humane Certified Pork

Our hog farmers must meet or exceed more than 200 science-based humane animal care standards. The certification is based on the Five Freedoms, a globally accepted measure of animal care that goes beyond the basics of food, water, shelter and health to include freedom from distress and the freedom to express normal behaviors.

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Natural to us is based on what we believe. We didn’t get into the business based on some market data that said ‘you should do this because you’ll make a lot of money.’”
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