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Crate Free

The natural choice.

Coleman Natural Foods is one of the largest pork companies to source Crate Free hogs. What does Crate Free mean? Check out the illustrations below: they unpack the term and how it benefits animal health and welfare.


The approximately 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days period when sows are pregnant. Proponents of gestation crates claim that confining and isolating sows ensures they get the right nutrition during pregnancy, prevents fighting over food and prevents aggression among pregnant sows.

The Coleman Solution

Our farmers give sows more space than what is typical on conventional farms. In this lower-stress environment, the sows can interact with others or find space apart.

Our per-sow minimum space allotted is 42% more space than the average industry gestation crates, and overall community space is exponentially larger.


The time period in which sows are nursing their piglets after birth (minimum of 21 days). Proponents of farrowing crates say they protect the piglets from being accidentally smothered by the sow.

The Coleman Solution

To protect newborn piglets, we use specially designed pens that provide the mother with room to comfortably move about, while keeping the baby pigs safe and warm for the first few days of their life. For the first 72 hours, when the piglets are most vulnerable, a movable divider limits the sow’s movement and separates the piglets while they get accustomed to walking. They can nurse, but are better protected when the sow lays down. After 72 hours, the sow is given access to the entire pen, where she can move about freely and interact with her piglets—who are nimble and able to get out of her way.

Our pens provide the sow 114% more space than average industry farrowing crates.