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Hotdog Charcuterie Board

Let’s put together the ultimate hot dog charcuterie board! This board will offer hot dog halves with an amazing selection of toppings and snacks to go with them. Bring it to your next party, and surely it will be a hit!
5 min



1 Use any wooden board or serving tray you have handy that will fit the amount of food you need to feed the number of people you plan to serve.

2 Start by arranging the condiment bowls on the board filled with ketchup, mustard, bacon or any toppings you choose to offer.

3 Put pieces of bread, jalapenos, peppers, and cheese on the board.

4 Grill hot dogs and slice into bite-sized pieces. Then place it on the board.

How Long Do Hot Dogs Last?

5 Serve and enjoy!


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