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Herb Pork Cubano Sandwich

5 min
8 min



1 Heat a panini press or alternatively a heavy-bottomed frying pan.

2 Slice ciabatta rolls in half lengthwise, and lay open-faced on a work surface. Spread top and bottom surface of each roll with Dijon mustard.

3 Starting with the bottom piece of each sandwich, layer one slice cheese, pork loin slices, two cooked bacon slices (cut in half), dill pickle chips, and finish with another slice of cheese. Place top of ciabatta roll on top.

4 Smear the top of each sandwich with a light coating of butter. Flip and repeat on the bottom. One at a time, place buttered sandwich on the hot panini grill. Close the grill on the sandwich and press down to flatten the sandwich as it cooks. If cooking on a frying pan, press down with a spatula or another heavy-bottomed pan. Cook 2 minutes.

5 Flip the sandwich on the panini grill. Close and continue cooking for another 2 minutes or until the sandwich is golden brown and the cheese is melted.

6 Plate hot sandwich and cut in half. Serve with chips, fruit, or side of choice.