Global Hot Dogs

Global Hot Dogs

Global Dogs

No ordinary hotdogs here! Take a “taste tour” around the world with these fun Global dog ideas!  Grill any of our amazing Coleman hot dogs – beef, beef and pork or chicken dogs – to make a fun Global Hot Dog Bar for your family and friends.  Be inspired – create your own Global-inspired flavors!


Poutine Dog – Top with cooked shoestring french fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds, or alternatively small pieces of white cheddar cheese (pulsed in the food processor) or shredded white cheddar cheese.


Greek Dog – Top with a mixture of feta cheese, diced Kalamata olives, fresh oregano, diced cucumber and diced tomatoes.


Thai Dog – Top with matchstick carrots, julienned cucumbers, julienned jicama and chopped cilantro tossed with some vinegar and Sriracha sauce or alternatively some pre-packaged broccoli-slaw mix combined with the Sriracha sauce.


Berlin Dog – Top with a combination of sauerkraut, diced, cooked red potatoes and spicy brown mustard.


Tokyo Dog – Top with a mixture of cooked rice, diced pickled ginger and wasabi mustard combined with mayonnaise.  


San Francisco Dog – Top with a combination of diced kale, cooked, diced broccoli tossed in some Green Goddess dressing and garnished with alfalfa sprouts.

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