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Add some rich, smoky kielbasa to your meal rotation!

Curious what makes kielbasa different from other types of sausage? The word “kielbasa” is Polish for sausage. While there are often dozens of types of “kielbasa” in a Polish butcher shop, the most popular type of kielbasa in the U.S. is a smoked sausage typically found in a ring or rope shape. This mild and sweet sausage is delicious in a variety of dishes!

Polish kielbasa from Coleman Natural Foods is smoked and fully cooked. Just heat it through and it’s ready to eat. This pork sausage has no nitrates or nitrites, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and includes pork sourced from American Humane Certified farms that never use antibiotics, growth hormones, or confining crates. And it’s keto-friendly!

Here are some traditional and some alternative ways to cook smoked Polish kielbasa.

Cook Polish Kielbasa the Traditional Way

Smoked kielbasa has a wonderful umami flavor that pairs well with tangy ingredients like mustard, onions, sauerkraut, and sour cream. Here are some simple, classic ways to make Polish kielbasa.

In a Skillet

Slice kielbasa into 1-inch thick rounds and heat in a skillet for a super quick start to a weekday meal. To round it out, sauté onions, then add potato and cheese pierogies in the pan with the sausage. Pierogies are Polish dumplings filled with sweet or savory fillings, like cheese, meat, and spinach. You can often find them in the frozen section of the grocery store. Fast and filling!

Low and Slow

For a hearty, one-pot meal, try a traditional Polish combination of cabbage and kielbasa. Stew cabbage, onions, garlic cloves, and sliced apples with butter over very low heat until everything is tender, about an hour. Then add sliced kielbasa. Cook over low heat for another 45 minutes or so.

The liquid from the veggies and apples will slowly be extracted, creating a flavorful broth in the bottom of the pot. When everything is soft and cooked through, it’s ready to eat!

For a slow cooker take on this one-pot style, try Slow Cooker Polish Sausage and Cabbage.

kielbasa slices with cabbage and rice


Whole kielbasa is delicious grilled! Cut the sausage rope into bun-length pieces, and grill for 4-6 minutes on each side. When they reach an internal temp of 145°F, they’re hot enough to eat! Place them on a roll with brown mustard, tangy sauerkraut, and diced onions. Perfect for a summer dinner!

Creative Ways to Cook Polish Kielbasa

Go beyond the grill with these novel ways to use Polish kielbasa in your weekday meal lineup! Savory, simple, and sizzling.

Kielbasa Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish of eggs cracked into an aromatic tomato sauce. For extra protein and richness, try this extra-filling Kielbasa Shakshuka variation! It’s great for brunches or weeknight dinners, and it’s Paleo-friendly.

shakshuka with kielbasa and peppers

Kielbasa and Sauerkraut “Reuben”

Kielbasa sandwiches aren’t limited to the traditional roll with mustard and onions! A Kielbasa and Sauerkraut “Reuben” combines traditional Reuben sandwich ingredients with smoky sausage. Thousand Island dressing and sauerkraut provide some zip, while smoked gouda cheese and the kielbasa bring salty succulence. These grilled sandwiches can be ready in just 15 minutes!

Hearty Lentils with Kielbasa

Aromatic veggies, filling lentils, and Polish sausage come together in this easy gluten-free dish. Make a big pot of Hearty Lentils with Kielbasa and eat it all week long, or freeze the leftovers!

kielbasa and lentils

One-Pan Recipes

Kielbasa is perfect for one-pan recipes you can bake in the oven. Slice the sausage and your favorite veggies into bite-sized pieces, and lay them flat on a sheet pan. Drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and bake at 350°F until sausage is hot and veggies are crisp-tender. Try this Kielbasa Sheet Pan Dinner with Dried Cranberries and Feta that cooks in just 35 minutes!

Fast, Filling, Flavorful

We’ve just scratched the surface! Hot, smoky Polish kielbasa can add heartiness and depth to hundreds of recipes. Since it’s already cooked through, it’s the perfect quick-cooking addition to weeknight dishes. And with 7 grams of protein per serving, it will keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. Keep a few links in the freezer to toss into recipes when they need a little protein boost!

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