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With the keto diet being as popular as it is in the U.S. today, chances are that you’ve not only heard of this diet, but you might have also tried it yourself.

The keto diet, short for ketogenic diet, includes foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs and sugar. This diet encourages consumption of natural whole foods that are packed with nutrients to give you more energy and help you lose fat and build lean muscle.

Many people are attracted to the keto diet because it is not as restrictive as other diets and permits rich, indulgent foods that many plans don’t allow. This includes red meat, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, full-fat dairy products, nuts, fats, and sauces.

However, a common question for many people is: do hot dogs fit into a keto diet? Especially when the grilling season is in full swing, it can be difficult to resist the temptation of a juicy hot dog.

To find out more about this diet and learn if you can eat hot dogs on keto without offsetting your progress, keep reading.

hot dogs cooking on a grill

What Is Keto?

Today, many people follow a keto diet to lose weight and tone their bodies. But what you might not know is that this diet plan was actually first used as a form of treatment for patients with epilepsy in the 1900s. Eating a ketogenic diet reduced the frequency of seizures for many patients because it helped keep glucose levels in the brain stable.

Many doctors still use the keto diet as a form of treatment for disorders of the brain, but this diet has also made its way into the mainstream. It is thought to aid healthy heart function and long-term weight loss.

A keto diet is said to help you lose weight by promoting ketosis, a metabolic process that involves burning fat from your body and from your diet for energy. To encourage ketosis, keto restricts certain food groups almost entirely and scales others way up. This involves regulating the daily intake of macronutrients, the core nutrient classes of food, commonly labeled as fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

A keto diet typically encourages eating higher-fat foods while reducing high-carb foods. Although different versions of keto exist, generally the daily macronutrient intake to enter ketosis falls into the following ranges: 60-80% fats, 10-30% protein, and 5-10% carbohydrates.

People can adjust this ratio to meet different goals and needs for their bodies. For example, those prioritizing muscle gain might increase their protein intake; those who live highly active lifestyles might increase their carbohydrate intake.

Experts recommend working with a dietician or nutritionist to determine the right nutrient percentages for your body and goals.

keto macros

What Can You Eat on a Keto Diet?

Keto is somewhat restrictive, but you don’t have to cut out all of your favorite foods to follow it. Basically, you want to keep artificial ingredients to a minimum and eat plenty of nutrient-dense foods.

What to Eat:

  • Meats such as beef, poultry, fish, and seafood—cured meats such as sausage, ham, and hot dogs that are rich in fats and without artificial ingredients are keto-approved
  • Eggs and full-fat dairy such as cheese
  • Non-starchy vegetables such as leafy greens, avocado, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli
  • Natural fats such as butter, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil
  • High-fiber nuts and seeds such as pecans, walnuts, and sunflower seeds

What to Avoid:

  • Grains such as bread and pasta
  • Carb-dense vegetables such as carrots and peas
  • Starchy foods such as corn, legumes, and potatoes
  • Sugar-rich fruits such as apples and oranges

Many dieters feel better after going keto than they did before. For a lot of people, this diet full of natural fats, protein, fiber, and nutrients provides long-lasting energy and increased levels of focus.

Are Hot Dogs Allowed?

Fortunately for fans of barbecues and baseball, it is possible to enjoy hot dogs while on the keto diet! This type of sausage is more nutritious than you might think and can fit into a keto meal plan with minimal adjustments.

One of your primary concerns while on keto is carbs. Hot dogs are low in carbs because most are just made of beef trimmings, salt, and seasonings. Coleman Natural uncured all-beef hot dogs are made of beef raised in the U.S.A. without added hormones or antibiotics.

And because our beef hot dogs are uncured, they contain only naturally-occurring nitrites found in cultured celery powder and sea salt. They’re also free from fillers, binders, alternate proteins, and added chemicals that keto diet followers should avoid.

When you know exactly what’s in the food you’re eating, you can make sure you’re following keto. We put everything you need to know about our products on our packaging labels for complete transparency.

Many people following the keto diet enjoy hot dogs bunless with toppings for a quick and tasty meal, but you can also purchase or make keto-friendly hot dog buns or use a slice of cheese, piece of lettuce, or portobello mushroom to hold your hot dog.

But you aren’t restricted to only eating hot dogs on a “bun” on the keto diet. If you know how to adapt recipes to be keto-friendly, you can eat hot dogs in a variety of ways and still stay on track with your weight loss or maintenance goals.

hot dog chicago dog salad in a wooden bowl


How to Eat Hot Dogs on a Keto Diet

To eat hot dogs while on the keto diet, think outside of the box. Consider alternatives to breads and grains and never underestimate the power of low-carb vegetables.

Here are a few of our favorite keto-friendly ways to enjoy hot dogs:

  • Chili Cheese Dog Pockets – make this recipe keto by just swapping the pita with a low-carb pita or tortilla. Use almond flour or coconut flour to make your own.
  • Deconstructed Chicago Dog Salad – choose pickles and peppers with no added sugar for this recipe, and you’re good to go!
  • Hot Dog Fried Rice – this fried rice is made more nutritious—and keto-compliant—with cauliflower fried rice. This meal will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Cooking and Choosing Hot Dogs

When preparing keto hot dog recipes, be mindful of how you’re cooking your hot dogs as well. Track your macros and decide whether you will cook your sausages in a keto-approved cooking fat or without fat, perhaps grilled or baked. Choosing all-natural hot dogs is also important.

All-natural hot dogs are best when following this diet. Keto experts recommend eating minimally-processed foods without artificial ingredients like sodium nitrite or corn syrup.

The good news is that Coleman Natural uncured beef hot dogs contain no artificial ingredients. They’re made of 100% beef raised by independent American family farmers who bring our customers the highest-quality products!

Whether you’re on the keto diet or not, you don’t have to say goodbye to hot dogs. Eat these juicy, scrumptious sausages all summer long and beyond